Succulent Wreaths

While I was weeding last week I found that my mini succulent garden survived winter. ( They were brown and deadish at the end of summer but I left them there ) So as they multiply, I'm thinking about doing one of these succulent wreaths to put outside on the fence or house. HERE is the tutorial, seems simple eh? You dig it?

Honeycomb Mirror

Forgot to post about this weeks ago! My waiting paid off, I got the infamous honeycomb mirror ( pier 1 ) on clearance. I even talked the associate down on the price because this one had been there since fall. So I only paid $130 total ( was $250 ) Not too shabby.

seems as though it's on clearance nationwide,  bloggers are frantically buying them 

My quest for the right knobs.

My lil dresser is all painted up awaiting her knobs. Since she's antique, her knobs should be too, and I thought she needed some something metal, not just the wood ones. So ebay to the rescue. It's where I buy ALL of my hardware. Here are the ones I'm debating:

Budget: $15 or less for 6 knob/pulls
This last one is first choice right now, I'm tryin to talk the guy down because he wants $18 for them

New at West Elm

They have hundreds of new's a bit of faves:

and remember my post about finding the wire lantern?
Looks like I got it right at $12, these are $59...i'll wait for the sale :)

Spring teased us today

It was an exciting 61 degrees yesterday here in the pacific northwest. Lowes was packed full of people with projects in mind, the sound of lawnmowers mowing lawns, and the smell of these babies on my bbq:
I also painted the guest room ( took maybe 2 hours? ) and got the smaller dresser done.

I'm ordering antique drawer ring pulls from Greece ( sounds fancy, but in all reality, I bought from ebay :) so it'll be a while til they get here.

Of course it's supposed to rain all week, so the big dresser will have to wait to be worked on outside.

In the meantime, I hope you get a chuckle out of this. Because I.DID.NOT. My child decided to stash a green sharpie somewhere and used her mad art skills on the back of my wingback-upholstery-in-progress. Meaning I had to strip it down and start alll over.

Bryn, where's the marker? What mawka momma?

I need to start collecting maps..

This might be one of my favorite rooms . ( and I dont know the source! ) Maps + Stripes? Love it.

Dresser Projects

Here are the 2 dressers I'm revamping...

This one, got for $15 ( I got it for half off ) and it's going in my entryway. Isnt the paint hideous? I'm giving her a chance. Look at those cute legs.

And this lil guy I got for $40 at a random thrift store. I talked him down from $65. This guy will be painted a bold blue with purdy new knobs for the spare bedroom
The blue will be one of these:

Peacock Blue

or Hague Blue as pictured below
either way, you get my drift.

Things to make with wood pallets

Hello Hello! My plate is absolutely full with rejuvenation projects right now,a wingback, a settee, 2 dresser and painting a room. Why I decided to do it all at once, I dont know.

I have been motivated to do a post about wood pallets. You'll see them free on the side of the road, or behind stores or craigslist for free. Some in better shape than others. Below, I've compiled the best ideas I could find on the web. There are a few of these I may work on this summer. Enjoy!

#1 A Vertical Garden!

 #2 Beds!
#3 Shelves!

#4 Coffee Tables!

#5 Wall Treatment!
#6 Outdoor Lounge Swing!

#7 Storage Boxes ( kids toys, shoes, blankets? )

Oh Japan

Out of respect for the lives lost, and the hurting families in Japan, I'm going to break from blogging for one week...just doesnt feel right to talk about home decor right now.  Go hug your family and thank the Lord for them, and say a prayer for the people of Japan...

Imperial Trellis Pillows at Target

I ran, not walked to Target when reader Shawna, informed me that Trellis pillows were at Target ( they are outdoor pillows. ) I got the last 2 navy's and smiled at the price of $12.99 each. They come in green/brown also.
As my husband says, my pillows are getting a bit outta control.

Professional Seamstress

Kathy Namy is incredibly talented, and I feel the need to share her creative services with you..
She's a pianist, green thumb and professional seamstress of over 30 years. Why am I sharing this with you? Because some of you may benefit.

1. She's a bridal seamstress: She can make wedding gowns from scratch. Dreaming of a Monique Lhuillier or Vera Gown but dont want to pay the hefty price? She can design and sew the dress for a fraction of the cost. ( she's made a replica Monique "snow white" before, it was beautiful.) If not a wedding gown, she does prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and alterations. Dont pay $100 for a veil. Go to her.

2. She has also sewn Crib Bumper, Bedskirts, Drapes, Pillows

3. Need a costume? She also designs and sews costumes. School Districts, Churchs and Individuals have hired her over the years to come up with some of the most unique costumes.

If you want to get a hold of her, contact me and I'll put you in touch! It doesnt matter where you live, shipping is available.

Melamine dining at Target

I love Target. I really really do. They've just been knockin it outta the park with their decor items. They're on this blue and white kick lately ( see previous posts ) and I wandered over to the dining section and gasped outloud when I saw ikat. Among other great melamine products. Thanks to my daughter, I have an excuse to buy melamine. Here's the example:

From Target ( wish they were square, but i'll take 'em )

BBB Cheap Servers!

I bought these two three tiered servers on clearance at BBB.( click here ) I figured, why not, I dont have any, I entertain quite often, and with coupon/clearance they were $12. They are bamboo, I thought of possibly spaypainting them in a high gloss white. But for now, they'll stay in the nude. And I figure, since I'm not in need of both right this minute for food, I'll throw some of my jewelry on a stand. My jewelry box was getting a bit packed anyways ;)
Then I stopped in at one of my favorite antique shops, and to my delight I found cheap corbels. They usually are more than $50. I got this set for $22. I needed something rustic on this shelf and this fits just right.