Join One Kings Lane

BIG designer labels with up to 70% off the price tag. I just saw an insane $1400 chandelier for $200....Pillows for under $30 and so much more. You'll enjoy it, I promise. Click on the picture below to be directed, have fun!

My TJMAXX adventure.

I was at TJ Maxx today, and spotted these awesome bowls. They are sweet and chic and remind me of the the Anthropologie bowls below: ( $8 )

TJ Maxx ( $2.99)

I get to the checkout area, I heard a very loud crash and glass pieces sprayed on me...because this lil ol gal ran her car in the TJMAXX.

I'm fine, no one was hurt. I walked away with no purchases in hand, laughing.

Chinoiserie Wallpaper, Dislike.

There's a few bloggers that are talking about how "chinoiserie" wallpaper is back in. Am I the only one that does NOT agree? I just do not find the appeal in it whatsoever. What do you think?


Wait, what the? I wandered into Marshalls to browse, and came across this wood platter thing. It's huge. It's wood.
Ok now clean your mind.

Someone beat me at my own game..
Remember a few months back I bought a $34 striped rug on ebay? And I thought to myself, this is a screamin deal, I wonder what they paid?
GROCERY OUTLET has them for $7.99. They had huge stacks of them, in black, blue and brown. 4x6. Guess who bought one for their laundry room? ME! Guess who bought some to flip on ebay? Me!

Sale Alert

Pssst. Calypso St Barths for Target is 50% off at my local stores...going fast!

Urban Chickens?

When I approached my husband with the idea of getting some hens, he said yes before I could finish my sentence. ( He comes from a family of farmers ) We have the perrrfect spot for a good size chicken coop and how great to have our daughter growing up with the thrill of finding the eggs in the nests.
So I quickly jumped online to look at coop plans. I was blown away.

These are just a few creative ones that I found...

The Clever One...
The Sweet and Simple One:
The Multi Purpose One:
The Village One:
The Grand One:
The Even More Grand One:
The Dark One:
The Chic One:

And the one that just blows my mind:
Heather Bullard, you are one talented chick.
( go here for the specs )

Small Change

I removed the widget " you might also like" that was underneath all my posts. It was getting to cluttered looking and people couldnt cleary see where to comment. Thanks for the input :)

Ikea outdoor goodness

I'll take it! $49 Striped Hammock via Ikea

Now all I need is this setting:
I also have been interested in these decking squares, you could get pretty creative with them..$34.99 for 9
and $129 for a hardwood lounge? It's a steal..
( they also sell umbrellas and pads )

Flipping out

The fifth season of Flipping Out comes to Bravo on July 6th. I've been so patient.

What ever happened to that project?

Truth be told, it's still not done. There are still details on it that need to be stapled down, but since it's just to look at really, that stuff can wait some more :) Upholstery is not for the faint of heart, dont let anyone fool you, it's tough work...and that is why I kept putting it off.

The fabric is Dwell ( from Joanns, I think I got 8yds for $ I saved over $100 on it, I have a ton left over. )
The wingback settee was $15 on Craigslist
The new foam was $30

AFTER: ( well, almost done )

If you are wanting to attempt such a project...
This type of staple remover will be your bff...
Also, if you can, get an electric staple gun

If you're serious about this project, buy this book: ( has step by step and pics )
I used the trace and cut method, as opposed to ripping everything to shreds and starting from scratch. So the best advice from me, is to draw a big letter on every piece of fabric with a  sharpie marker and take a picture of all sides, and draw it out. ...this is amateur sketch from another chair I'm workin on..
This way you know exactly where each piece goes and you can trace it onto your new fabric :)

Fun Antique Finds..

Check this out. I love love this find. Cost: $8...It's a lil porcelain urn lamp! How fabulous is this? Eight bucks! He's small, only stands maybe 10 inches tall.

And this find, I'm stoked about. It's an original Potjie Pot ( cast iron )..the real thing. $5. FIVE. FIVE!!! It's worth over $80 easy.

I never do this, but I must post a pet peeve. There are a couple ladies with very popular home blogs, that airbrush their babies/pictures of themselves. And very obviously enhance their eyes.
What happened to being real?! Especially with kids. Dont you feel guilty "enhancing" your children's faces in pictures? Upping the vibrance on a photo is one thing, but making them look like china dolls freaks me out. Love your kids as they are, God made them. This coming from someone who desperately wants another child.
Vent over.

Urban Outfitters Sale Items

$29 Ikat Circles Pillow
Lace Stripe Coverlet $49 ( full/queen in blue )
Steel Table $84.99
Scroll Pillow $9.99 ( 3 colors )

Swoon with me now. Kitchens.

My goal is to have a "new" kitchen by the end of 2012. "New" meaning hiring a professional to paint the cabinets white, new hardware, banquette ( get rid of the corner island ), and most importantly NEW countertops.
Here's my current kitchen. Well, most of it.

So here's me thinking outloud:

Open shelving always draws me in, and these cabinets are the same as mine so it does help visualize them as white. Marble countertops for the win.
Simple yet modern. Crazy about the black windows
Green/Gray Kitchen Tiles are cool, white/gray granite ( what I am trying to get my hands on as an alternative to marble )
Maybe someday I'll have a window like this over my sink :) I do love the fabric and the wide farmhouse sink

This ceiling is bananas.
Here's another white granite..and I have floors like that, I mop every other day...
These are the type of cabinets I have ( shaker ) and ultimately I love this entire look

What's your favorite? Anyone out there have white countertops?