Brass is back.

If you havent heard by now, Brass is making a comeback in 2012. More specifically brass lighting. Which thrills me because I already have a few brass pieces/hardware throughout my house by default ( like my very very old switchplates and a lamp or 2) I've always been sorta drawn to it because of the nautical feel it gives off. Here's some inspiration coming your way...

                                                Here are some great lighting deals for "new" brass:
 $119 Floor Lamp via urban outfitters
$39 Chandelier via home depot
$20 sconce via amazon ( shipping is $9)
$13 small pendant via home depot
Or just log on to your local craigslist and type in "brass" or "gold"
So before you go to grab a can of spraypaint to makeover an old brass lamp, you may want to rethink that and just go with its original state!
But yes, like everything else, this too is a trend, so dont go changing out all of your kitchen hardware and accessories. Do it in little bits through the house!


  1. Who would have thought the brass in my parents house is coming back! ;)

    We looked at the Home Depot pendant in brushed nickle when we were searching for lights for our new home. It is a great pendant. We ended up with larger ones, but really liked that pendant.

  2. I just can't do it. One of the first steps that I NEEDED to do when I got into the new house was remove ALL of the Brass!! ;)
    Someday I might be the cool kid!

  3. Stepheni-There's ugly 80's brass for sure. Those shiny goldish fake brass doorknobs are gross!

  4. You know, it really is quite cool. For example, during the day the brass provides a splash of color among the white walls there. At night, I imagine that the light fixtures kind of blend with the brass to have a very classy and warm looks.

    Lawrence Halter

  5. Hi, would love to know if you have the link to the sconce from Amazon. Can't seem to find it :(

    Thanks so much.