Craigslist Follies.

It's that time again. Here's a few of my latest favorite craigslist follies.

$200 for a set that I would either see on the side of the road, or for $25 at a thrift store:

Very much dated set for $350 (yikes) but please note, it's never been used by a "smol pet"

What era is this? Or style? Surely it cant be worth 299..

 Ironically, this is a lighted cabinet. The picture is too dark.
 This one might take the cake. These people are dreaming.

 Actually, THIS one takes the cake $2300. Again, I dont know when this was in style, look at those bed posts will ya?
 This one is unfortunate, because he could have listed it for atleast $50 if it were tagged with spindle or jenny lind. And setting it up instead of laying it in a pile. I did write him to give him a heads up.
 This is just a good example of an unfortunate picture. It's like, what am I buying again? Were you getting high when you took this pic, because they're so smoky. If set up properly, with a good pic, he might have fetched $100 for the set. Unless that really is smoke, then maybe not so much.


  1. LOL! This is a cute post. There is this one guy who posts stuff where I live and his spelling is hilarious. I go on there just for kicks sometimes. He likes to sell stuff that "Use to belong to my ant."

  2. three things.

    your quilt is breathtaking. I can't even imagine how special it is to you, and I love the pictures of you opening it almost just as much! :)

    i love your craigslist posts. They make me laugh. My favorite one I've seen locally came while browsing the "free" section. Someone posted "FREE HAIRCUT" and then when you opened the details, among other things she said, "must want buzz cut."

    oh man...that was good.

    thirdly, thanks for the rug sale heads up. I was able to snag the moroccan rug for a song. wow. thanks a million! truly.

  3. Wow! people are crazy! But it's funny!

    Lindsey Turner