Crazy Rug Sale

I've been keeping my eye on Rugs USA because I had heard they were going to go 75% off all clearance. Bananas.
West Elm carried a rug verrrry close to the one I got, ( discontinued west elm )

I got the rugsusa charcoal Moroccan rug in a 5x8 for only $64!!

and this chunky jute rug in a 4x6 for only $27

I'll shoot some pics when they arrive in a couple of days. Go take advantage of this amazing deal!

*edit* Either they had an error on the 75% off this particular rug, or it was a one day sale ( they honored mine ) because readers informed me it's back to 35% off! However, if you go to the clearance section there IS quite a few at 75% off.


  1. Those prices are ridiculous! I'm headed over there to check it out now.

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  2. AMAZING deals! Can't wait to see the rugs in your house. Wish I was in need of a new rug. I would get the Moroccan in light blue.

  3. Um...HELLO!!! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Ah, I love that charcoal rug! Too bad they only had a select number on clearance... now they are only 35% off :(

    Very sad!

    Can't wait to see them in your space!

  5. I know! Both of these are only 35% off now. Hmph.

  6. Yeah, when I spoke to cs they told me the reason they are clearancing is due to stock at a location they will no longer be shipping from. Even though they still have the rug available, they ran out of the rugs at the location they were clearancing from.

    I'm so bummed! :( Especially after I tried to order the rug yesterday and kept getting website errors.

    I have to act quicker next time! :)

  7. I too tried to get the charcoal rug but missed out! I thought I was doing something wrong! Great catch if you were able to snag one... Next time I need to be quicker!

  8. Thank you so much, love all your posts!!

  9. You are exactly what I have been looking for! I just posted about a rug that got away, because I was waiting for a sale!! "following you"