My rugs arrived!

Well, I waited  3.5 weeks for the rugs from to arrive! The customer service isnt too great over there, but for what I paid, I can't compain too much.

Here's the $27 Chunky Jute Rug, I LOVE it. It's cushy and heavy.

The care for a jute rug is basically just vacuum vacuum vacuum. This thing just eats dirt and is durable. No scrubbing or washing necessary.

And here is the $64 moroccan rug in 5x8

That is the true color, I didnt adjust it. It claims to be a charcoal but it's truly navy blue, which is fine by me!


  1. They're awesome. I am going to have to bookmark that site for when we are ready to order a rug - which will be after we save up some $$, but for these prices that may not be as long as I thought. I love them both!

  2. Love both of those - especially the "navy" rug! The jute looks just like two that I recently bought from overstock (pics at the ottom of this post:

    Congrats on your awesome finds!

  3. Love the rugs! My mouth dropped open when I saw the last one! So gorgeous and great prices!

    Lindsey Turner

  4. I love your charcoal/navy rug. Is the design white or off-white? Thanks!