New finds

I've been needing a runner for our bedroom for sometime now, and thankfully Marshalls pulled through for me yesterday. They have some fantastic rugs there right now ( quite a few are being clearanced, lots of trellis, lots of large florals )
I came home with this guy for $49, not a bad price for wool. I love love this rug. I wish they had several sizes.

You might remember that I had this DIY shade up that I did last year:
However, because of the amount of heat that came through that window ( west side ) It melted the glue, last summer, breaking the plastic mini blinds underneath the delicate linen fabric. It was a major fail. I frantically went to all my other roman shades and put fresh glue on them. I ended up just buying bamboo shades for like $14 at JCP. I'll be adding drapes in the next few weeks.

Moving on.

I have been looking for a couple cheap white soup tureens for bulbs this spring. (centerpiece for the table, and for the kitchen counter )
They arent cheap.
But I got lucky and found this lil guy for $3 on clearance at a thrift store. Score!
What am I growing you might ask?
The green onions that you buy at your grocery store. Just submerge the roots in water after you chop them, and they'll grow 1/2 inch a day. The growth you see above? That's about a week's growth.


  1. How does the onion smell, though?!

  2. the rug is glorious. I really like the soup tureen idea. Going to steal that one :)

  3. the onion isnt strong at all. only if you're close to it :)

  4. I'm growing me some onions in my kitchen right now too! I saw it on Pinterest and had to try it! :)

  5. Both of those items....runner & soup tureen....are proof that you have to be looking all the time! You never know when you might score big like that. A good reminder.

  6. I love your new rug!

    Lindsey Turner