Thrifty Finds and Updates

I'm fortunate enough to live in a great antique district, and some good thrift stores that I frequently shop at. Here are some items I've recently picked up, on the cheap.

$3 Candle Jar Lantern Thingy. ( had Pottery Barn sticker on it for $15.99) it's hung in between windows in the guest room
$4 Basket. It's nice and big. Right now, it's replacing an ugly plastic laundry basket, but it may hold a potted tree this summer.

This is a favorite, I was so stoked. See these brass pendant lamps?

                                                                      (sources: here and here )

Well here's mine.

I paid $10. Yes ten. I contacted the manufacturer, it retails at $599. ( my mind is blown)
It's nice and big, and will eventually go in my stairwell.

Moving onto my laundry room. I took a 25 cent tension rod and hung this fabric in front of our fug laundry sink..

Voila! It just sits in between the washer and dryer and hides all the ugliness underneath. I had that fabric laying around and seemed like a good fit there. Another option I debated was using an old sheet ( just make a cut at the top of the sheet and slide the rod in where the fold is )
And lastly, the evolution of my dining room.

I've gone from this buffet set up...

To this: ( I needed more storage, thought this would solve the issue....sorry for the christmas pic!)

To now this.
The other antique cupboard just wasnt cuttin it for me. I needed the tabletop and more storage. Luckily I found this beaut on Craigslist for $200. ( and I of course did the research, and this is a $1800 buffet )
It came complete with a key, which I promptly tied around this lamp so my curious 4 year old wouldnt get a hold of it.
I havent decided if I'm going to put shelves above it, right now I'm just enjoying it as is. I had that old chalkboard ( found in a dumpster..) up for a party and ended up leaving it there.


  1. Amazing finds!!! (uh, hello brass pendant lamp). I'm also really digging the chalkboard on the gorgeous buffet. Great scale and you can put up messages for the holidays, kinds words for the day, etc.

  2. Thanks gal! It's a little "mature" looking right I'll make sure it's a little more funky and less serious the next time I stage it :)

  3. Wow, I really wish charity shops in the UK were as good as in the US. You've managed to find some real gems. Love the blackboard too.

  4. Cute finds! Awesome thrifting. Can't wait to see more.


  5. i love it all, you have such a great eye! would you mind doing a post on how you organize your buffet? my buffet is much smaller but i am willing to bet its super jammed packed and just not functional. love when you update your blog!

  6. LOVE it all! Especially that buffet -- to die for! Do you mind sharing where you found the brass pendant lamp? I am a fellow PNW'er!

  7. You have such great taste and a great eye when it comes to finding hidden gems! I really enjoy your blog - especially your Marshall's finds! :)

  8. You find the best stuff!! I'm at the thrift shop all the time.I love the pendant light. What a bargain.