Kitchen Update

I had my kitchen painted and added glass to the cabinet above the sink. Before it had copper sheets, and I needed a more clean contemporary look. I'm still pouting because I still long for white cabinets, but apparently they'd be a beast to do, and not nice on the wallet. I'm tryin to make the best of these maple cabinets. Sigh.

So here's the before..

And today..

I have yet to fill it and style it, I'm enjoying the simplicity, really..
 Nice, easy update, and really affordable to do!


  1. I like it. So clean looking. Good job!


  2. We're pining for white cabinets too!! Looks great,'ll get your dream kitchen someday!

  3. Yes, I like it.

    I have an older home that we are working on updating.

    Hope you'll stop by my blog too. :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Such a simple change that has made a huge difference. Have fun styling the contents of the cabinet. I am currently trying to finish sprucing up my kitchen - it has been ongoing since June last year - will get there soon, we've bought all the stuff, just need to fit it. x

  5. How lovely! This looks so good! I love how fresh they look!