Dining finds under $25

These are just some basics that I have been eyeballing, and hey, they're all under $25!

World Market Mason Jar Dispenser $14.99 ( best price I've seen )

Privet House for Target Server $19.99 ( not just for serving guests, think centerpiece, or hang it up! )

Privet House for Target Large Serving Bowl $24 ( fruit salad? cold pasta salad for summer? )

Pier One Cork Cookie Jar $24 ..i love this one. ( no cookies for you? storage for rice or baking or crafts or...? )

Crate and Barrel Brunswick Soup Pot $19 ( $5 ships it! )

Crate and Barrel Refrigerator Jug $10.95 ( $5 ships it! ) Nice and basic.

And are you like me, you like the idea of these tasting serveware items but realistically, they'll just gather dust in your cabinet? They look neat though!

West Elm Appetizer Spoons w/Tray $11.99 ( free ship )

Pier One Bamboo Tray with Tasting Spoons $11

And while we're in the kitchen, I just happened to discover that my beloved Martha Stewart  Dutch Oven, was in fact recalled. I blogged about it here and here, I know a few of you bought them as well. Macy's will give you a full refund. I'm so sad. The color was perfect too, and the price was awesome, and my rosemary lemon chicken never tasted better.  Hmmph.


I have not TRIED to return this yet. HERE is the link for the recall. Many people have said you'll get the lowest price for the return. I should note, there were only TWO incidents reported, where the finish cracked/melted, and there was no injury. So it's up to you. Personally, I'm gonna keep it. I'm still lookin at braisers too!

While we are on the subject of dutch ovens...does anyone own a braiser? Which brand did you go with?


  1. Oh no I think I have the same Dutch oven. Do you have any info on the recall? I love my Dutch oven and use it constantly.

  2. Did you have your Macy's receipt? it took a lot of work and two stores to get more than their lowest sale price, which was about $18. And even more effort to get it in cash and not store credit.

  3. What was the problem with your dutch oven exactly?? I do worry about the paints/glazes on these things, as I know they're historically made using toxic chemicals! I always assumed that the newer ones are safe, though!

  4. Oh man! BUMMER! = ( I have a different dutch over, we got it as a wedding gift. I am so excited to have it but don't know how to use it! Would you mind sharing your chicken recipe?


  5. Go for a Lodge dutch oven - Fred Meyer has them for $49.99 (6 QT) right now - have had mine for like 2 years now and LOVE it! Why a braiser? Your dutch oven should be able to do anything a braiser can do - in fact, I use mine primarily for braising, both on the stove and in the oven and have never had an issue.

  6. That chicken looks YUM! Care to share the recipe?

  7. Noooo!!! I love my teal one! Got the best deal thanks to you. Did you also get the blue one? or which one is pictured with the rosemary recipe?

    Anyone else keeping theirs also?