Lets talk about your square backyard.

I've been slowly working on a couple projects for the backyard that bring us more privacy, since we live on a corner lot. It's easy for me to problem solve for other people's yards, but just recently have I been able to finally get a vision for my whole yard.We have a fair amount of open grass space, nothing huge, but enough for us, and I'm realizing I like yards that are more broken up into sections.I'm just not one to like a square backyard with shrubbery dotted along the fence. I'll explain via photo inspirations:

Now before you go and think "I dont have that kind of budget, or that looks like a lot of work..." stop and remember what I learned. Take a small chunk of your yard and think up a vision for it. This little tree picture above is a perfect example. How many of you have a square patio in the back of your house? All you'd have to do is dig out the section you want on the corner, plant a tree, and slowly fill with perennials and annual bushes and ornamental grasses. What a huge difference that'd make, and really, the price doesnt have to be high. I'd be happy to help if you cant work up the vision. Some people need the vision, some people need ideas for WHAT types of plants to put there etc.
Hoping to have befores/afters of my lil projects up by early July.


  1. I understand. I live on a corner of a big lot. We don't have a fence because the whole neighborhood is open toward the golf course at the end of the cul-de-sac. We love it like that, but it is hard to distinguish my backyard from the rest. You have given me hope that I can landscape the yard and not just the deck. Thanks. I'll be watching.

  2. It was years before I learned to look at my back yard/patio/deck as another room of the house. Beautiful and inspiring photos!

  3. I'm interested in your throw pillows on the white couch if you are really interested in selling them (or the rug)!