Some of you asked for my lemon rosemary chicken recipe, so I'll post it. I made it up. I'm sure there are similiar recipes out there, but this is my own. It's easy.

All you need: Garlic Powder, Mrs Dash ( or other seasoning ), garlic, white wine, lemon, rosemary, chicken and broth.
Just get the skillet super hot, season the chicken WELL, with mrs dash and garlic powder, and sear all sides of the chicken. Then in the dutch oven I put a spoonful of garlic, About 4 cups Chicken Broth ( I use better than bouillon  ) to simmer the chicken in, Squeeze a lemon, Splash of white wine, and top with rosemary and lemon slices. I either cook it on the stovetop til the chicken starts to fall apart, or put it in the oven for 350. 

While we're talking recipes, another comfort food that is ridiculously good, is Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta. Click HERE for the recipe. It's a huge hit in our household.

And her Mac and Cheese is the best I've ever had. I add pepperjack to it for a kick. It's God food, and totally against my diet! Click HERE for recipe. Really, I could go on and on posting about her recipes.

Ok, one more, penne a la Betsy!

It's been rainy and chilly here in the northwest, they're calling it the june gloom. So we're still in comfort food mode, waiting for the summer weather!


  1. Ok this made me super hungry for Mac and cheese... The homemade kind. Its a shame I just ate a cookies and cream bar or Id totally go get some.

  2. Thank you! That looks delicious! I will be trying your recipe out this week :)

  3. these look yummy. the perfect dish for June-uary here in the W. Wa :0)

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