Backyard Business

Here are some updates from the backyard. The fence line desperately needed something, and we needed more privacy since we are the corner lot. This picture was from last year ..zzzzzzzz.

This is today. We built more trellis supports out of free wood via craigslist, and have yet another wisteria vine growing, hopefully it'll really take off next spring, giving us a bit more privacy.

Another part of the backyard, I've struggled with filling correctly. This was last year:

And this is today. It's fuller, but not quite complete. Brick pathway to come. Anyone need rosemary? I have plenty.

And although this before/after isnt really fair, because it's a dead of winter shot, I still enjoy it. I added lillies and 4 more hydrangea this spring.

And today. We had a streak of very hot days, while we were on vacation( we arent custom to that here..) and my poor hydrangeas suffered a bit, but there's still plenty of blooms to come.

Did I mention I'm ready for fall?

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