Nursery almost there!

The nursery is 80% done. The closet is the next thing to be completed, as we have to repaint it and add shelving. The only other to do's are to sew the crib skirt, hem the drapes, complete the art and buy a small table.
Here's a peek at the color scheme:

1. Peacock Blue 
2. Peach/Pink
3. Gray 
4. Gold 

This is a budget nursery, the goal was $250 or less, and I believe I'll accomplish that.
The last piece of furniture to buy, is a round gold side table to sit next to the rocker. It has to have a shelf for functionality reasons.  Finding this on the cheap has been annoyingly challenging.
Something like these:

However, both of these are over $200. No thanks. So my plan of attack is to buy this guy, 19.99 Ikea Table, and spray paint it gold.

I look forward to this one, I'm sure it'll look great, and for so cheap.


  1. I have that same white table! I think it will look great! I actually found my side table for the nursery last weekend and scored a great deal.

  2. Babies pull up on furniture when they're learning to stand. Is that table as tippy as it looks when pulled on from a low toddler sized height? Just a thought.