DIY hydrangea box

I have wood piling up in my garage, from old barns and stuff that people have given me from it was time I actually made use of some of it. I put together a long box out of barn wood, it was super easy and cost nothing.

Turns out its a nice way to display my hydrangeas and let them dry out for the fall. ( a few are still in jars with water in them, just hidden in the box )
In a few weeks I'll take them out and arrange my fall display, that is made entirely of dollar store stuff and target clearance.

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  1. When you dry your hydrangeas, do you do anything special or just let them dry up? (i.e., hang upside down, etc??) Do you find they lose their petals easily once dried? And what do you do with them when they are dried? Do you use in wreaths, just as a nice dried flower vase, etc? Help! :)