Updates on life and home.

This week I am 6 months pregnant! I'm really praying these last 3 months will fly by. I'm overly anxious to meet our girl Lennon Grey.

And our daughter is back in school ( I'm loving it, so is she )

And the list of To Do's is getting smaller and smaller. Hoping this list will be complete in the next few weeks.

And this nursery closet will be done by the weekend, I'll post pics of the after. Isnt it hideous?! It has been storing junk for a few years, never was painted, has ancient water stains, tears in the wall etc.


  1. You look fabulous, and for what it is worth, I LOVE your handwriting.

  2. Thank you! @writer chic, that DOES mean somethin to me. Thanks for the compliment

  3. You look beautiful! Love that outfit!