Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

I'm looking to get a fiddle leaf fig tree. I desperately need a tree in my front room, and this type fits the bill. I even have a big ol basket that is ready to house it. Hopefully sometime next month I'll get one and post pics, but in the meantime, check out these inspirations:

My rugs arrived!

Well, I waited  3.5 weeks for the rugs from to arrive! The customer service isnt too great over there, but for what I paid, I can't compain too much.

Here's the $27 Chunky Jute Rug, I LOVE it. It's cushy and heavy.

The care for a jute rug is basically just vacuum vacuum vacuum. This thing just eats dirt and is durable. No scrubbing or washing necessary.

And here is the $64 moroccan rug in 5x8

That is the true color, I didnt adjust it. It claims to be a charcoal but it's truly navy blue, which is fine by me!

Nate Berkus Show no more.

Did you hear? Nate Berkus Show got the axe. It received a 1.1 rating, which puts it at the lowest rated talk show on television.

I like his style and like his design line. In fact, HSN just restocked the dhurrie rug ( I own and adore the blue one ) and added some more products.

The Quilt

This might get lengthy, it's personal, you've been warned.

I'm very sentimental, like most moms, of my daughters clothes. Over the 4 years of her life, I've carefully packed away clothes in bins, that she's outgrown. Not only for the sentimental reasons, but for the hope that one day we'll finally get pregnant with #2, and if it's a girl, that she'd get to wear these clothes.
But my feelings began to change and decided that's no way to enjoy memories of someone, all packed up in a box. I wanted a quilt made of the clothes that made up her first year of life. I found Barbara Malm via Etsy and immediately contacted her. I was so emotional about this whole process, and nervous as all get out. Sending 50 of my only child's most meaningful clothes away to a stranger across the country, was a bit nerve racking, but Barbara was so sweet and patient.
I stuck post its on most of the clothes with little notes of what pieces I wanted most use out of etc. ( I warned her ahead of time that I was going to do this, so she didnt think I was a crazy control freak ..*wink* )

Then I packed them up and sent them over to Barbara. There was great communication between us, she really listened to what I wanted, and she also had great insight as well.
In a few short weeks, I received my quilt. I was so happy.

Then I cried.

Then I went into the ugly cry. But I wont be showing those pictures.

This quilt is about 70x70, it's huge and heavy, and so soft.

I couldnt be more pleased with her work. I highly HIGHLY recommend you check her out here.

Craigslist Follies.

It's that time again. Here's a few of my latest favorite craigslist follies.

$200 for a set that I would either see on the side of the road, or for $25 at a thrift store:

Very much dated set for $350 (yikes) but please note, it's never been used by a "smol pet"

What era is this? Or style? Surely it cant be worth 299..

 Ironically, this is a lighted cabinet. The picture is too dark.
 This one might take the cake. These people are dreaming.

 Actually, THIS one takes the cake $2300. Again, I dont know when this was in style, look at those bed posts will ya?
 This one is unfortunate, because he could have listed it for atleast $50 if it were tagged with spindle or jenny lind. And setting it up instead of laying it in a pile. I did write him to give him a heads up.
 This is just a good example of an unfortunate picture. It's like, what am I buying again? Were you getting high when you took this pic, because they're so smoky. If set up properly, with a good pic, he might have fetched $100 for the set. Unless that really is smoke, then maybe not so much.

Brass is back.

If you havent heard by now, Brass is making a comeback in 2012. More specifically brass lighting. Which thrills me because I already have a few brass pieces/hardware throughout my house by default ( like my very very old switchplates and a lamp or 2) I've always been sorta drawn to it because of the nautical feel it gives off. Here's some inspiration coming your way...

                                                Here are some great lighting deals for "new" brass:
 $119 Floor Lamp via urban outfitters
$39 Chandelier via home depot
$20 sconce via amazon ( shipping is $9)
$13 small pendant via home depot
Or just log on to your local craigslist and type in "brass" or "gold"
So before you go to grab a can of spraypaint to makeover an old brass lamp, you may want to rethink that and just go with its original state!
But yes, like everything else, this too is a trend, so dont go changing out all of your kitchen hardware and accessories. Do it in little bits through the house!


One of my favorite blogs, Centsational Girl just did a great post on 50 things to write about when you have writers block, pretty brilliant. She was sweet enough to include me in the post. Every now and then I'll have a lull in posts or am uninspired that week or whatever, but she has some great easy suggestions.
I guess I need to do more of these craigslist funnies...

My lil Entry Way

I redid my lil entry way bench, in an awning stripe ( I know, big surprise.)
Here's the before:
And today with the new upholstery, and some explanations:

I AM debating on painting those stairs white, like this:
My only hesitation is the wood is 101 years old. The color is real, so if I hated the white, I'm kinda screwed :)

$2 Crown.

So, my daughter turned 4. Don't ask me where the time went, because I do not know. I thought she needed a crown for her preschool day, so I ran to Joann and picked up this $1 cardboard crown, and bought $1 worth of felt (sale) and voila!

Happy Birthday Brynlee Reece!