My best before and after, ever.

I rarely do personal posts on this blog, but I thought this one may be worth sharing. The last 6 months I have been shedding my old body. It was a lazy body. It was a body that miscarried, held years of hormones due to fertility treatments, a body that wouldnt allow me to do outdoor sports with my family, a body that embarrassed me. In October, something FINALLY clicked. So I got to work.
 No gimmicks here. I joined a gym, worked out 4-5 times a week ( sometimes with a trainer ) and ate 1100-1500 calories a day. I wrote down everything I ate, drank a crap load of water, took my vitamins, and that is how I did it.
It's not necessarily a before and after picture, because I am far from done.
But through this embarrassing "before" photo, I wanted to  inspire other real people, and show you it can be done. I'm down 45 pounds. I'm 5'8" and weighed 250, and now I'm at 205 with 35ish to go.
I love this season of the biggest loser because they are going by the theme of no excuses. They tackle every excuse. The biggest one I hear is, I dont have time. Guess what? No, you dont. You wont have anytime left if you dont start moving, today. I have a dear friend, Karin, who is a working mom of 2, who's lost well over 100lbs ON HER OWN. Amy, is another, working mom, who has lost over 75lbs. Go make the time to get healthy, and fight for MORE time with your loved ones.
I'm still learning, I still battle saying no to bad stuff, I dont have it all together, but I'm certainly on my way.
 I hope you are inspired.

If you have questions, fire away, I'd be happy to answer what I can

Target Snapshots

Target has some great new accessories, lots of beachy boho type stuff, ready for summer. ( however, the candle holders below are half the price at my Marshalls right now )

Plus some bright and bold accents...
And a little bit of west elm and cb2 influence...
( I'm not stoked to see more "keep calm carry on"....I thought we were done with that trend?!

And some pretty great throw rugs and mats...

Lastly, 2 clearance lamps, $16 marked down from $54

Bathroom Update

My master bath is smaller than yours. ( In fact, I challenge you to send me pics of your tiny bathroom ) I got tired of stuffing towels under the sink, because, as you can see there is no room....

And this little cabinet only holds so many towels....

So my solution was to put a small shelf right above the doorway. It's shallow enough not to notice when you walk in, yet deep enough  to hold plenty if I need it. And, it'll likely hold my more worn towels that arent so pretty to look at. I suppose I need to toss some out and replace some of them. Who wants to buy towels?!

Kitchen Update

I had my kitchen painted and added glass to the cabinet above the sink. Before it had copper sheets, and I needed a more clean contemporary look. I'm still pouting because I still long for white cabinets, but apparently they'd be a beast to do, and not nice on the wallet. I'm tryin to make the best of these maple cabinets. Sigh.

So here's the before..

And today..

I have yet to fill it and style it, I'm enjoying the simplicity, really..
 Nice, easy update, and really affordable to do!

Winner Winner!

Winner of the $50 Target Gift Card ( ) goes to #85, ALEXIS! 
Congrats to you, enjoy buying the "patio accessories and baby diapers!"
Thanks to all who entered. I'll have a new post up in the next couple of days! Enjoy your weekend.

Win a Target Gift Card!

In honor of Kristen Wiig leaving SNL, I'm giving away a $50 gift card to Terrrrrgit. Random, I know. 
Her Target segments on snl have always been my favorite. ( clip below )

To enter, become a follower (or like the facebook page )and tell me what you'd spend the $50 Target Gift Card on! I will choose a number from on Friday the 13th.
*i'm not affiliated w/target/nbc/snl, just a fun giveaway*