Vote on my bed color!

I'm finally going to take the plunge and sell my beloved  canopy bed. I do love my bed. I do. However, my master bedroom is so dang small, it makes it seem that much more tiny. *sigh* Besides, I've been wanting an upholstered bed for years now. I've been keeping my eye on this bed forever, I'm excited that I wont be out more than $50 for this bed, thanks to a craigslist buyer for my bed.

I love grey. I love whites, greys, blues, beachy neutrals. However I'm debating the color of this bed.
What's your vote? Buckwheat or Light Grey? Help!

Backyard Business

Here are some updates from the backyard. The fence line desperately needed something, and we needed more privacy since we are the corner lot. This picture was from last year ..zzzzzzzz.

This is today. We built more trellis supports out of free wood via craigslist, and have yet another wisteria vine growing, hopefully it'll really take off next spring, giving us a bit more privacy.

Another part of the backyard, I've struggled with filling correctly. This was last year:

And this is today. It's fuller, but not quite complete. Brick pathway to come. Anyone need rosemary? I have plenty.

And although this before/after isnt really fair, because it's a dead of winter shot, I still enjoy it. I added lillies and 4 more hydrangea this spring.

And today. We had a streak of very hot days, while we were on vacation( we arent custom to that here..) and my poor hydrangeas suffered a bit, but there's still plenty of blooms to come.

Did I mention I'm ready for fall?

DIY Canvas Painting for Nursery

Luli Sanchez is a famous textile designer/painter that caught my attention awhile back. Her pieces are one of a kind, and she doesnt even sell prints individually, BIG clients buy her pieces and use the prints in artwork and fashion and home linens. Which posed a challenged for me, when I desperately wanted this particular print of hers. It is the inspiration for my nursery design, all colors are based from this.

So I went to Joanns last night, and carefully picked out a few 59 cent paints and a canvas, spending about $24. The whole time I'm thinking, what am I getting myself into. I've never painted a picture...( well, you cant count the ombre/beach type print I did ages ago because my 4 year old couldve done it )

So there I sat, ipad with the inspiration on hand, paint and canvas in front of me, not having a clue where this would take me.
Once I got going though, I started to surprise myself, and I was actually enjoying it. The challenge was to get the acrylics to look like watercolor AND oil in some spots. But I underestimated myself and i'm very happy with the results. Check it out.

Pinterest Fails

Since we're on the subject of pinterest, you gotta go check out this blog, called Pinstrosity. It's so perfect and shows that we are all human, and that it's ok to laugh at our failures sometimes!

This one had me. Linen organization.

The Pin:


The Pin: Yarn Balloons


The Pin. "the cloud light" Looking so delicate and magical.


i'm dyin.

Latest Pins...

I feel like I go in waves of emotions with pinterest these days. One month I'll be over it, the next I'll be a pinning fool. Here's some of the things I'm pinning these days, WITH original sources ( I promise not to send you to a tumblr site or something misleading! )

Framed grasscloth! And a pretty lil fiddle leaf tree.

I want him.

Beautiful receiving blanket tutorial..



Organize your cords with velcro!

10 Great nude lipsticks and glosses

One of my fav Ikea hacks

Custom frosting colors made from the standard box of red, blue, yellow and green

Nursery almost there!

The nursery is 80% done. The closet is the next thing to be completed, as we have to repaint it and add shelving. The only other to do's are to sew the crib skirt, hem the drapes, complete the art and buy a small table.
Here's a peek at the color scheme:

1. Peacock Blue 
2. Peach/Pink
3. Gray 
4. Gold 

This is a budget nursery, the goal was $250 or less, and I believe I'll accomplish that.
The last piece of furniture to buy, is a round gold side table to sit next to the rocker. It has to have a shelf for functionality reasons.  Finding this on the cheap has been annoyingly challenging.
Something like these:

However, both of these are over $200. No thanks. So my plan of attack is to buy this guy, 19.99 Ikea Table, and spray paint it gold.

I look forward to this one, I'm sure it'll look great, and for so cheap.