Ikea Wardrobe and other updates

Welcome to the new year! This is the time of year I get the most anxious to turn my house upside down. Starting fresh and all that.
Over the holidays I started to despise my laundry/mud room. It got out of control unorganized and was just not functional for our needs.

Trust me, it NEVER stayed this clean. I wish I wouldve taken a pic of it in it's chaotic state. Those benches were all cluttered in projects/sewing stuff piled high. So I said enough! At 37 weeks pregnant I hurried to Ikea, bought a wardrobe that they are discontinuing, took 2 hours on my knees putting together this beast.

So much more functional, and it now stands beside the other Ikea wardrobe I have.
One contains all things crafts and sewing, the other contains my kids art stuff and husbands medical/work supplies. Feels good to fill this space and minimize at the same time.

This room is big, but it's not insulated ( summer project hopefully ) so it needed a big fat rug. Finally my favorite jute rug from rugsusa went on sale to a ridiculous price, this is a 5x8 and I think I paid $52. Its the same one I have in my entry. I highly recommend it. It DOES collect quite a bit of dirt, so you have to stay on top of vacuuming it and mopping underneath.

Have I mentioned my obsession with coral? I love it. The real stuff. Obsessed.

and my latest Goodwill find, this lil stool for $4. My daughter uses it in her play kitchen, cant decide if I want to recover it or not.

My goal for 2013 is to stay with my gut instinct on decor decisions, and plan out purchases before buying, no more on whim crap.

Current Needs:

A table lamp for my daughters room..budget $30 or less. ( hers busted )
A nightstand ( or 2 ) for our bedroom..budget $100 or less ( sold the others )
Blinds for my daughters room..$100 via overstock for both. ( yikes, but they're blackout, so worth it )

Stay tuned!


  1. Looks great! What is the name of the beautiful wall color?

  2. The room looks fantastic! Also adore your goodwill find!

    Jessica @ metamorphouse.blogspot.com

  3. Welcome back and congratulations! Do you plan on sharing your birth journey? We're starting ivf in March and it's so nice to hear from other IFers.

  4. So glad you are blogging again! Would love a nursery tour :)

  5. I love the way that rug looks in both rooms! Does jute stand up to melted snow getting tracked in?

  6. @heather Yes it does! Soaks up nicely actually.

  7. @Johanna it's a retired color called pale artichoke by sherwin williams

  8. I found cheap blackout panels at WalMart - pink and then bought sheer polka dot panels at Target, layered together were very cute and I only paid 15 or less for the blackout and 13 for the sheer.