Latest Randoms and Pins

Here are some randoms that have caught my eye in the last few weeks...

Espalier trees, I'd love these along my back fence!

Corner Trellis, what a great idea

World Market Ashton Tables $129

A built in closet ( via gilded mint)

Check out that sink ( via coastal living)

Threshold Shower Curtain $19 ( target )

Aaaaand this is genius, I need to do this. You can just hose the boots down without getting the insides soaked. Duh.

Speaking of shoes...loving neon Nike!

Spring at Target! ( i'm swooning over the milky blue lamps on the right )

PB Lamp

Totes from the Gap ( lots of colors available )

And art via Meredith Pardue

NYC eyebrow kit ( its under $3, and its a new fave of mine )..the left palette is a clear wax that shapes your brows and keeps them put, and the color stays put along with it!

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