Birchbox and current beauty faves.

Do you love all things beauty? Love trying new products? You should try BirchBox if you haven't already. It's been so fun. For $10 a month, you get a box full of beauty samples! Some brands you'll recognize, others will be new to you, that's half the fun. Click HERE for my invite!

One of my favorite full size products I got was the Mirenesse "glossy kiss" lip color. Holy mother, this stuff is gold. Not only am I crazy about the orangey red color, I cant tell you enough about how long this stuff lasts. I ate 2 meals and didnt have to reapply.

Here's a sarcastic heyyyyy.

This was after wearing it for a few hours. I'll be buying this if I ever run out. ( a little goes a long way, and you CAN sharpen the plastic pencil )

Another product I recommend is MAKE eye makeup remover. It's clean, no crazy scent and feels just like water on your face ( no sting or tingle )

And with summer approaching, I've been busting out the Highlighters. These are my go to favorites

Just a good bronzer/highlighteron the cheap.

This ELF one has been compared to Benefit's High Beam, and I gotta say, I agree. It lasts. And it SHINES.

This Benefit is a mini size Watts Up and it's amaaaaazing. Little goes a long way.

Ulta had a 50% off sale on NYX a couple months back and I stocked up. I love NYX. This is a highlighter/blush, it's peachy, which of course you cant see in the photo, but trust me, it's a good one.

Last, but certainly not least, I have found my FOREVER mascara. It's taken me years to find this guy. He's staying. No really, he does stay. All day long. And, it magically curls my eyelashes. I cant pimp this product enough.

NYX $5.99

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