Two new small additions ( Tjmaxx and Target )

I found this roped lantern on clearance for $10 at TJMaxx, it's official, I hoard lanterns.

 And I snagged this bad boy for 17 bucks at Target. I've wanted it since it arrived back in March, and I patiently waited til it clearanced. You should know that on every 2 weeks, a clearance is marked down usually on Tuesday's for home decor ( my Target usually does Monday/Tuesday) so if it's marked one price on clearance, it MAY be wrong. This was marked $41, but I knew it had to be less, because it's been on sale for a month and I was right.
Also if you're looking for a CLEAN great scented candle, I highly highly recommend this one from Target ( it's in the first pic above as well )

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