DIY Curtain Panel ( West Elm look alike)

I have an oddly large laundry/utility/mud room, whatever you call it. And behind this curtain is the water heater and a shelf full of shoes and rain boots. It aint pretty. So a few years ago I bought a Pottery Barn Tablecloth on clearance and hung it. It's one of those spaces that I hate, but I didnt realize it until I found the RIGHT fabric.

Here's the before

I had been contemplating these West Elm panels, but they were $64 for one panel. That's not in my price range, especially for a laundry room curtain to hide my crap.

So I was stoked to find these fabric from, for only $7.98 a yard!!!

And I love because you can always find a coupon code, I had one for 20% off and free shipping. So cheap!

This panel was easy to sew, all I did was fold over and sew a pocket. If you can sew a straight line, you can do this too.

Then I just slid a tension rod through the pocket and stuck it up towards the ceiling! Easy.

This literally took 5 minutes to do. I'm obsessed with this fabric now. It'd look so pretty in a nursery or as regular curtains


  1. Love the fabric, but I'm cracking up because there's a CHALKBOARD in the pic, lol!

  2. because it's a CHALKBOARD. not a random cup. Or this or that. It's meant to be a chalkboard.

  3. Please help ! I want to use the same idea to divide a room where did you get the tension rod & how well is it holding up