Ikea 2014

Ikea's 2014 Catalog is out. I'll admit, I'm a bit disappointed! It lacks unique pieces in my opinion, and they are doing a lot of repeats. Wah Wah. Another thing? Their prices have creeped up. Settle down Ikea. Settle down.
I did manage to find a few things that I would buy or use in a clients home, but again, you'll notice familiarity in some of those pieces.

Wardrobe $249 ( decent price )

They also have a new bold green sofa, but with a price tag of $999. Not sure who would pay for a $999 sofa from Ikea...and another wingback for $499. Wowza.

What do you think?


  1. I feel the same way about Ikea's pricing. You go to there to save money. If you are going to drop a grand on a piece of furniture, I want it lovingly crafted not put together with an alan wrench :0)

  2. i like the Wardrobe, its so beautiful.thanks for sharing.Quality Beds and Mattresses