Oh Billy! ( Ikea and World Market newbies in my house )

On this wall was just two floating shelves, and the sofa backed up to it. I was never really satisfied with the look. The proportion was off. So it was time to change it.

I bought 2 Ikea BILLY bookcases, and bought the optional doors. The Bookcases are cheap, but the doors are not. However, I need the polished look of doors here, and since my living room is small, I needed the reflective shine of the doors to make it seem more open.

Styling the shelves was easy, I just shopped my house and added my favorite things. Making sure that proportions were correct. Just keep stepping back, look at the textures and make sure you mix shine/wood/metal/pattern. And layer! Always layer.

These skeleton key plates were found in the dirt in my backyard. Pretty fun. I added some of my grandfather's books and a huge fun lightbulb. Why not.

We needed more seating as well. The problem is, adding chairs did make the room a bit more small. We are going to live with two chairs for a bit and see if we actually NEED both.

These blue beauties are from World Market, they went on sale and I snatched them up.
I usually dont go for armless chairs, but these are actually quite wide, and you can sit criss cross on them ( a requirement in our house ) and they are so soft and comfortable.

As the holidays continue I'm sure I'll be adding decor and moving some around for fun. 
( My hydrangea box will likely be on top of the bookshelves )