Spring is here, so are my bulbs.

Website rave. I ordered  a few bulbs from Tulipworld.com. I havent ever ordered plants online before, but they were having an insane sale, and free shipping at the time. So I thought, why not. They were diligent with telling me when it'd ship and the packaging was well done. I do have to wait a couple more weeks to plant, but here's what I ordered.

More hosta. I have a thing for hostas, and thankfully they love my yard. This is guacamole hosta.
More peonies to add to my obsession. This time, dark red...
and double whites

some autumn joy sedum, already have some, and they are easy
and these fun things. Never tried these before, but I have the perfect spot against the fence for them. Agapanthus Blue Triumphator

I got all these for under $20. They have coupon codes and sales all the time. And shipping is always 3.95

Help! Blogger Down!

Does anyone know what happened to DC metro mom blogger OneStoryBuilding?? She stopped blogging late last summer and now her site is gone. She is a favorite! Tryin to contact her on twitter but no response yet..

Disguising the baby stuff

Babies come with a lot of stuff. I didnt want it totally taking over my house, so over the years I've made hiding places that just make sense.

Instead of a cheapo plastic bottle dryer like I bought with my first kid and regretted, I went with a chic glass drying rack from world market. I also had registered for a Target basket to keep it all organized. Then when I entertain, I can use it for wine glasses as well.

My daughter is three months old and we've only used her changing pad once. As pretty as this space is, we just live downstairs most of the day.

So I have a drawer designated to baby stuff. Diapers, wipes, saline/suction bulb,extra onesies etc.

Front Room Face Lift

I gave my front room a minor face lift.
Here's the Before, in all of its glory:
( crappy phone pic )

And the AFTER:
I framed some leftover fabric from some of my favorite client projects, and it worked out nicely

I was sick of the busyness and simplified it with 2 Ribba Frames from Ikea: ( click here, $24.99 for high gloss gray )

And I spoke too soon on my fiddle leaf post, ended up with this guy too, I cant resist. $13.

My lil Fiddle Leaf

I've been wanting a fiddle leaf tree for awhile now. Here's my post about it last year ( click here )
So imagine my surprise when my local grocery store of all places, had this guy for $7. I squealed outloud.

Can't wait til he's a tree. In the meantime, I'll be headed out this weekend to get him a companion.

Threshold at Target

And now, for my favorite Threshold finds( at Target )

Honeycomb Vases $12-19

Bench $59

Pedestal Bowl $16
Topiary $29
Captains Mirror $29

Ikat Shower Curtain $19 

Floor Pillow $24
Oblong oversized pillow $29

Weight loss and life!

What's up ya'll. This post is about to get real.
I'm a wife and a mom of two who's starting the fight to lose the final pounds I have on me. Another 35. It's daunting. It's hard. It's inconvenient, but it's doable.  I lost my baby weight, but now she's nearly 3 months old and I'm just now getting back into my fitness regimen and my good eating habits. My recovery from delivery wasnt smooth and I became angry because I could NOT work out. Now that I have the green light, I'm not getting to the gym as often as I should. This time around, it's much harder to get back into the swing of things. I lost those 50lbs so diligently that I'm being a bit harder on myself this time for not being so quick.
The point of this post is to tell the blogging world my goal to lose these last 35lbs and for accountability purposes. You dont have to comment or write me, I'm not expecting that.
And to prove that it CAN be done.
So I'm strappin on these babies ( arent they hot and obnoxious?)
and kissing these babies of mine ( because I love them, and ultimately they'll benefit from my good health)

I'll do a check in once every two weeks so it's not obnoxious :)

In the meantime, I'll get back to posting deals and decor goodies. I've also picked up a few clients in the last week, looks like people are getting in the moods to purge and revamp their homes for spring. Love it.