Say NO to Chevron

It's done. It's been out for a couple of years. Just say NO to Chevron. You won't see it on my blog, you wont get it from me when I help you with your decorating. Don't do it!

Instead, if you're drawn to geometrics, stick to stripes, as they are classic. Other geometrics, like trellis, moroccan tile and greek key tile are popular too, but dont go changing out all of your pillows and drapes for these, as they are just a trend. If you simply must have one of those, then do just that, ONE and mix with solids/textures. But for heaven's sake, just say no to Chevron.

*steps off soapbox*


  1. I saw your post title in someone's side bar and had to click over. I'm REALLY over chevrons, too. I will admit that I have some on a pillow, and half the time I still use that pillow on the couch, but will I ever buy another chevron'd item? Nope. They're way overdone.

  2. no chevron here! i have moroccon tile drapes in my family room that i'm so over and knew it was "trendy" the moment i put them up. i love the color {navy}, but don't want to put navy panels up. my house is all neutrals, navy and some grays and neutral walls so i'm not sure what to do. maybe i'll just switch to white one of these days ;)

  3. Amen and God Bless You for this post! I wish more bloggers would say "chevrons, be gone!" I also believe there is a time and a place for grey and white and it is not all over every room in every house.