Baby Clothes Memory Quilt #2

Three years ago, I had my first quilt made by Barbara Malm ( on Etsy )...the whole story about it can be found here. I had been through hell again, with infertility, praying for a second child. I was holding on to clothes in hopes I'd maybe someday reuse them again. I came to grips and found peace after a LONG time, that I would have one child, and I was thankful. So I shipped the clothes off to Barb. The quilt is one of my most prized possessions, as I'm incredibly nostalgic. It brought me great joy.

Little did I know, that just a couple of months later, I'd get pregnant with my second girl. Unreal. But God's timing is as always, impeccable. My girls are almost exactly 5 years apart and I wouldnt have it any other way.

Lennon Grey is now almost 15 months and I just received her wonderful quilt in the mail. I turn into a giant puddle the minute I open the box.

I chose memorable pieces that I have on camera or just remember due to a milestone. I also put in there burp cloths and her original polka dot crib sheet. I absolutely love it, Barb. Prepare for more traffic coming your way now. ( again )


  1. your 1st quilt post was the reason i became obsessed with saving my boys' {age 3 and 16 months} clothes for this same reason. i can't WAIT to send them of to Barb for my quilt :) Your first quilt post had me in tears and i think i was still pregnant with my first when i read it. i knew right then this was what i was going to do :)

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