West Elm Knockoffs. Find them at Target!

Surprised? Don't be. Target just continues to raise the bar with their product lines. Threshold especially. I am a West Elm fan, but everything I own from them is an accessory that was on sale, because their furniture is usually overpriced for my budget. So I was thrilled when I started to recognize West Elm styles at Target, for much, MUCH cheaper. Here are just one example of what I mean:

Not bad eh? West Elm is THREE TIMES more than Target.
I do believe I'm purchasing that coffee table. I'm in lurve.

Here are the Target links:


Now, if all Target's would just get their act together and be on the same clearance schedule. Some gal posted on instagram that she bought the Table for 20% off. Another got the famous Threshold barcart for $38 on clearance! ( Ours is still full price )


  1. Thank you for posting this. I am about to start furnishing my first home and was surprised to see Target's knock-offs of the furniture I had been eyeing at West Elm. But I don't have much experience with either. My concern is that the Target furniture would be much lower quality. What do you think? How does the quality compare?

  2. The quality is definitely nothing alike. Look at the materials and construction. You definitely get what you pay for.