Negative Review for Target Coffee Table..

*Sigh* I don't like to write these posts, but it's only fair that I write a real review. I bought the Threshold Coffee Table I featured last month ( here ) and to be honest, I knew it wouldnt work the second I got it.

The top is mdf. Which is why you're only paying the price listed. It's incredibly cheap to make furniture with.
Secondly, the frame is bent, ever so slightly but enough to notice. Third, it's very very soft and dentable.
It's pretty and all, but it's not worth it to me. ( excuse the state of my sofa, I just scrubbed a spill )

 It also had a dent/hole on the side in which it looks like they tried to patch it..nice try.
And this is just one of the dents. Right in center.

For as much abuse as coffee tables get, I'm not willing to buy a cheapy. I guarantee that if someone put their feet up on it with shoes on, it'd dent.  Lesson learned. ( it's also not long enough ) I'll be returning it. Also, I just learned that ANY piece of furniture ( and some clothes ) you return gets immediately donated to local charities or Goodwill. 


  1. hey this is not good for you, but at least you are warning others of the purchase....i guess it's time to find something better :)

    ALSO, i didn't know they donate all returns to goodwill/charities....EVERYTHING??? hmm

  2. I thought about buying this & replacing the ugly top with real wood. Is the frame cheap too? I didn't look closely enough the last time I browsed Target.

    1. Yes the frame was actually slanted, and the display one had it's own issues. So it's kind of a crap shoot :(