New DIY Indigo Drapes

I bought this fabric back in September with intentions to make them into drapes. 5 months later, they're up. Done? No, I have to hem them again. Maybe it's the weather but I've been lazy with projects! I need to snap out of it, this rain aint goin no where. So yes it was a rainy day project that took me all of 20 minutes to sew. And you can too. If you can sew a straight line, you can sew a panel. I chose to use rings at the top as opposed to a rod pocket because I just like the look. I bought the rings on Amazon for elcheapo and the rod was $6.99 at Ross.

Sorry for the sad phone pic, the lighting is tough in here ( no ceiling lights and big ol window )

I love me some indigo and navy. 


  1. I just bought this fabric to make window cornices! Love it. They look great!

    1. Sweeet! It's such great fabric quality too.

  2. LOVE this fabric! Where is it from?

  3. Woah! Those new drapes of yours surely did the job! With the color combination of your room, a pinch of vibrant color provided the much needed contrast to make each element stand out on their own. Make sure to check online for more drapes and curtain designs.

    Jon Snow

  4. If you can sew a straight line, you can sew a panel – it sounds a lot easier when you put it that way. The thing is, I don’t think many people could sew a clean straight line. Haha! Anyway, I love your choice of pattern. Thanks for sharing this DIY trick with us!

    Shirley Todd @ Arjay’s Window Fashions