New DIY Painting

It's no secret that I love sealife. I'm a nautical girl through and through and collect real coral pieces. I've needed an oversized art piece in this spot right at the top of the stairs but my budget was $50 or less.
I've never painted in my life, until I did this piece for my daughter's nursery, and I thought, hmmm, lets see
if that was just beginners luck or not.

I mustered up the courage once again, grabbed and 36x36 canvas on sale from Joanns, for $26. This next part is going to make any true paint artist, cringe. I painted both canvases with cheap E.L.F. makeup brushes. Talk about inexperienced right? But they work for me. 

Nope. Not kidding.
I love watercolor and wanted this one to give that effect. I just took my 48 cent acrylic paint and kept my brush very wet the whole time, never drying at any point. It seemed to work! I'm pretty happy with this guy.


  1. Love both of your paintings. Definitely not beginners luck - you look like a total pro!

  2. You are amazing. This turned out GREAT!

  3. Looks great! I have always loved your house! Clean, classic and favorite :)

  4. I love the title of your blog. I can relate because I'm decorating on a budget, too. I also think you did an amazing job on that painting.