Obstacles in your house: The Corner Fireplace

I'm a problem solver. A fixer. It's my personality and it just so happens to be a large part of my job as a decorator. I love LOVE being your problem solver. Often, we get stuck because of the shape or size of a room, or too overwhelmed with where to start. Often, I hear of people just settling and not truly loving their home because they give up. Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes. That's where I come in.

I think sometimes people hear"interior decorator" and see dollar signs, or maybe it sounds intimidating? 
Knock it off. Maybe I should start calling myself a home stylist? Or is that worse? Ha!
Truth is, I'm just like you, I too get stuck and want to bomb my home at times! Sell everything in my house. Torch my sofas because they're microfiber and "they" told me it was best for kids and spills. Sike. 
I digress.

Most of my clients, are just normal people, with small budgets, that know there's potential with their space but just need me to get their vision out of their head and make it happen. I will say that more often than not, they come to me with hand-me-down furniture, or have just moved into a new to them home, and dont know
where to place their furniture. Rarely do I get the, I have $10,000 to redo this entryway, clients :) And by rarely I mean, one time.

Let me begin this new series, called "Obstacles in your house." Obstacles that either you've created that you havent realized, or, obstacles like below, that come with the house.

In many new construction homes( atleast around these parts ) comes the corner fireplace with the nook above.
They think they're making it convenient for you to pop in your large butt television in there and voila!
Not the case.
I want to stretch your brains a sec and think of the possibilities.
Don't put your tv there. Break the rules.
Don't even put vases or knick knacks there. Don't do it!

What if. What if you built up your fireplace? With a cheap MDF board and planked it out and topped with crown? What if I told you it could be done for under $50? It can. ( example 1....example 2)
( mill work on the lower half would be more, but even kits are available for that )
By not putting the TV there, you're able to shift your furniture's focus to the large wall.

This is just a quicky mock up I did to show you how such a basic room can look so chic and frankly, expensive, when it's under $2000.

I see this obstacle all the time.
I'll be posting a couple times a month about obstacles in homes and yards.
If you have obstacles that you think others can relate to, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Until I started watching Design Star on HGTV, I never knew designers got stuck sometimes. I love your idea for the corner fireplace, though. Originally, I was thinking of purchasing an electric fireplace for the corner of my living room, but I changed my mind because my apartment is so small.

    1. Ya we are only human :) I wish I had a fireplace! My rooms are smaller too