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I've been having fun meeting new people from all over the US of A. I love seeing all the different styles of homes you live in, what tastes you have and what your desires are for your homes! I love the challenge of getting into your brains and pulling out your visions and achieving them with you.

This client, from Pennsylvania, has an office that has been neglected. It's for her husband, so she wanted it to be masculine but "not too heavy with leathers and black."
She wanted a complete overhaul so none of her existing furniture stayed, per her request. She did have a fiddle leaf tree, which, she amazingly has kept alive for years. ( I cant keep one alive for a month )

My client, Maureen, just moved into a new home and needed to fill her guestroom. She has a large family that visits often, and lucky for her she has a beautiful large room with 2 large windows. She'll be able to fit these beautiful beds and gorgeous rug in there nicely. She has very traditional taste and wanted it to feel "clean and airy." Would you believe that wonderful dresser is at Target?

Sometimes people are just looking for new ideas for small spaces, such as entryways. This young bachelorette has a narrow entryway with no windows, but with some tall board and batten and a bold mirror and stand out runner, the space wont seem as small. I loved this one!

I'm currently accepting clients for May/June E-Design. Contact me for more info! I work with many different budgets, so don't you worry about that part!


  1. Great plans! I love that runner and need to check out that Target dresser asap!

  2. These look beautiful, Steph! I may need to hire you for our bedroom. I have a general idea of what I want but I want a fresh pair of eyes on it to give me more. Stay tuned...