Ikea Outdoor Furniture Rave

I've been in the market for an outdoor dining set for some time but just couldnt bare shelling out $800+ for some of the sets I was loving. The West Elm version I wanted was $1499!! Forget it. I live in the Pacific Northwest, We wont use the set year round, it'll go in the shed when the winter comes back around.
So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I spotted the Falster set online, at Ikea. I went there the same day because it just so happened to be on a big sale, and snatched it up. I paid a few bucks over 500 for the whole set. ( 4 chairs, bench and table AND the massive umbrella and stand )

Not too bad huh!
Blogging and finishing up client work outside is pretty refreshing..

Enjoy your week ya'll!


  1. LOVE this! I love the clean lines of the table and bench! I'll have to come over the next sunny day we get and we can drink our americanos at the table while the nuggets chase the chickens!

  2. Royal Teak is another good place to start for those looking to buy quality outdoor furniture!