Steph's Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If you're looking for some last minute gift ideas, here are a few suggestions! Now, I didnt just randomly pick these items, they are things I either own, or have used in a client's home. My pistachio Kitchenaid mixer, was one of my favorite birthday gifts. Yes, it's a spendy suggestion, but worth it. The rest of the items are under $75.

 I'm obsessed with the new Versace Bright Crystal Absolut, it's my new go to. It's sexy and fruity and clean!
My favorite candle ever, is Volcano, by Capri Blue, it's most likely one of the scents you smell when you walk into Anthropologie. I also love giving and receiving ( giggle )...hanging flower baskets. Who doesnt love that?
The Revlon Colorburst sticks are serious business. Believe the hype ya'll. I have 3, and need more, there's a color for everyone and they are so easy to apply.
 I'd also like to pimp out Real Techniques Brushes from Ulta. Chances are, your mom ( or you ) need updated brushes. I'll admit, it had been years since I bought new ones, and these feel luxurious without paying out the rear. In fact, they are buy 1 get 1 50% off right now, and dont forget your $3.50 off $10 coupon online.

 A couple other home ideas for mom would be to gift her a jewelry box or shadow box to display her beauties. A great throw ( I love the one posted ) and a couple cloches to go on top of a dresser or entry table would be fun additions to her home. Fun soaps? A nude/tan bag? Go check them out!


  1. GIVE ME THAT SOAP SET RIGHT NOW!!! Also, I should point out that I own the exact same Kitchen Aid mixer (same pistachio color as well) and it's my FAVE. Aaaaand I'll also go ahead and jump in on endorsing the Revlon balm sticks, the Real Technique brushes and the Versace fragrance. SO legit. Nice suggestions! (I'm stealing the hanging basket idea).

    Colleen | Let’s Talk About Lipstick

  2. Why thank you friend. Glad we're in the same boat :) ps.. Hanging baskets are the best at Tacoma Boys. No joke, they last til like Sept/Oct