I feel I need to apologize // Lets get real.

I did a post like this a couple of years ago, and cannot find it!
Lets get real here folks. I'm a mom of 2 little ones, with a lot goin on usually, and my house, is far from tidy 7 days a week. Far. From. It. Us bloggers are guilty of staging the room, making sure the lighting is fair, the floors are vaccuumed/dusted, sometimes fresh flowers are even in a shot and everything is in it's place.

I want to apologize for misleading you. My home is not pristine on a daily basis. Oh no.

So welcome to my reality. Left is what I've blogged...Right is, well, real life.

This one is my favorite. ( left is an old pic ) but literally, MOST of the time, my clean laundry has piled up. On top of the dryer is usually randoms. Toys. Sunscreen. A random chicken feed bucket..wtf!

Scarf on the lamp. Rug pushed aside, slippers out, cords not taped properly ( gasp! )And I make my bed, at best, twice a week. True story.

I'm a mom. I'm busy. I don't have the ability to join people in "one room challenges" because I dont have endless funds to drop on any one room at any moment. And quite frankly if I did, I'd be going on vacations a lot more.
To my credit, my house is clean. It's not tidy 100% of the the time, but it's clean. 

There is always a space in my house that I want to bomb. I'm ever changing it seems :)

Pinterest has ruined it for us, in many ways. ( dont get me wrong, it's a great resource, and I use it ) It's got us aiming for perfection, and guess what? We will never get there. Even if you did, I promise, it will not fulfill you. You should know that by now. Someone is always going to have a brand new kitchen. Someone is always going to spend that $3,000 Restoration Hardware Chandelier. There are plenty of "one uppers" out there to make you feel lesser than you are.

I try to be as real as I can and will continue to strive to be relatable! So just remember when you see me ( or most bloggers ) posting a pristine picture, they had to work to get it to look magazine worthy, I guarantee it aint like that on the regular. If you find yourself struggling because you feel your house isnt magazine worthy or whatever, remember, I feel ya. And know I'm likely scrubbing my blankety blank microfiber sofas from a milk spill or mopping the mudroom floor because someone tracked in chicken shit.

Thank you to the sweet recent emails and feedback on my lil blog, I appreciate my readers and love hearing of your finds and just encouraging compliments!


  1. Agreed on all points. MY house looks like a disaster pretty much all the time (3 little ones) but I like it in a way. Reminds me who is still living under my roof. But I have to disagree with one thing- you could totally pull of a one room challenge. I would love to see you work your deal magic on a room in 6 weeks!!

    1. Well thank you! Ya I suppose you're right, thanks for the compliment, just all the one room challenges I saw this season were $$$$. :)

  2. Thank you for this post! I definitely feel this way about those people who post fashion posts as well...I find myself comparing since most of my days are spent in yoga pants and my hair in a bun!

    1. You are welcome. It was overdue. And yes, the fashion ones can be much much worse. There aint nothin wrong with yogies! I live in my workout leggings.

  3. hahaha!! i really enjoyed ur post... thanx for being real and not making us feel like failures!!! best from greece

  4. Isn't that the truth! I can push everything aside for that picture...but let's face it...no one wants to see our messy rooms right:) They want it all "prettied up"....so that is what we give them!