Target Summer Clearance. Run!

I got the thrill of going to Target tonight, without my kids. *singing the Hallelujah Chorus*
I took my sweet time. I went down every. stinking. aisle. Ok, except the kids clothes because I'm forcing myself to stop spending on kids clothes this month. I digress. 

My Target is famous for mispricing things to my benefit. The sign will say 30% but the items will be 50-70% off. So people may glance down the aisle and see 30, and keep on walkin, but I know better, and you should too! Stop and look at the magical red clearance sticker, dont depend on the signs.

At my Targets, they are clearancing their nautical line, so all the roped lanterns, faux sea life, nautical mirrors and baskets are 70% off. ( everything is still full price online ) Here's the proof

The white is fun, but you could also just spraypaint them whatever color. Gold? ( that big one is only $11)

I had my eye on this giant tray for awhile, but wasnt about to pay $34.99. It was marked down to $10, so I grabbed it. I thought I could hang it on the wall somewhere if I got sick of it on the table.

And here it is in play

Not too shabby eh? Better than paying $69 for the Pottery Barn Beachcomber basket!

Other clearance included ALL of the Threshold Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor upholstery and Planters.

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  1. Your basket looks great with that driftwood!