Marshalls Mega Clearance Lanterns

I. Just. Can't. Stop. Buying lanterns, that is. But I refuse to pay over $20 for one, because, I hoard them and it'd get expensive if I allowed myself to buy any one I'd lay my eyes on. I had been looking for ones for my porch but wanted them big, so I was stoked to find these 2  bad boys on clearance. Mega clearance. The original prices were $110 // then Marshalls marked at $59 // and I paid $12. TWELVE a piece. I was thrilled.

Here it is at Wysada..( $245 originally? ya right. )

And I gotta say, I love LED candles with Timers on them. They turn on at twilight!


  1. Those look so good! I haven't been to Marshalls in a long time but will have to poke in and see :D