Big makeover for a TINY bathroom!

This is our tiny upstairs guest bathroom. It is nestled in the eaves and hasnt reflected my style at all. The top of the sewing machine console started to weather from the water, and instead of refinishing the top, I took the opportunity to challenge myself. The challenge? Renovate this little half bath for under $250.

I've been putting up with the hideous lavendar paint color for far too long.

The original idea started on paper, like most of my hair brain ideas..

Yes. Its exquisite isnt it? Give me a break, I did it in 5 seconds.

First things first was so obviously remove the old fixture and paint.

Secondly, I needed to figure out how I was going to pull off the look of floating shelves. First I thought I'd build them. I ended up nixing that idea, because I didnt like the look of seeing all the creases.
Second idea, to buy a butcher block, only i'd have to buy 2 from Ikea for both shelves. ( Ikea was the cheapest for butcher block by far )
However, I was discouraged because they happened to be out of stock and had no date of restock. AND it would cost $400 for both blocks. Ya, not happenin.

I finally thought of the idea to use solid wood doors. They have the look of butcher block, and we'd have to do minimal cutting. I headed to one of my favorite recycled building materials store, in Seattle. Aisles upon aisles of doors, new and old. I came upon 2 that would do the trick.

I used Minwax Stain in Walnut to stain them

THEN used Waterlox on it. It seals and protects against water. You do have to be patient, as it takes a few coats, and each coat has to dry for 24 hours before adding the next one. But it's very easy to use, no sanding in between. It's not cheap, and only a couple of stores carry it, but its so very worth it. ( if you're local and need some, you can buy some from me )

Next up, we built frames to support these heavy doors and sink.

Then the holes for the pipe were drilled into one of the doors and the sink ( which you all voted on ) was attached. Luckily the plumbing already came out of the wall, so we didnt have to do much with that. 

And here it is! I'm very very happy with the result. It's very me. The little door lookin thing is a velcro'd cabinet front that leads to storage under the eaves. Its where Christmas is kept.

I attached a Threshold Towel Bar underneath for functionality and to look more streamline.
The wire basket it from HomeGoods ( it's also at TJMAXX ) and the lantern was clearance at HomeGoods for $7 )

These are accessories I already had. The basket was a Goodwill find for $1.99! By the way, that linen spray? World Market. It smells heavenly.

Here's the breakdown of cost!

DuJour Color Paint $26
2 Wood Doors $80
Minwax Stain $4
Waterlox $30
Sink ( FOUND HERE ) $80 *i had gift cards*
Target Threshold Towel Bar $16
Basket $14
Lantern $7

Grand Total including tax $257!


  1. I rarely comment on anything, but I have to say this looks awesome. You've inspired me. Nice job!

    1. Thank you Kristen! Appreciate it! It was a fun one.

  2. Using the doors as your vanity was genius! Thanks for the info on Waterlox. That is so good to know. I love the three tier basket holding the "heavenly" Linen Spray. Your new bathroom looks tres chic. Vikki in VA

  3. I'm really impressed by how beautiful it turned out.

  4. Unbelievable! I can hardly believe you did all of this on a budget of 257.00! Amazing!

  5. What is this color white you've used for the walls and would you recommend for a bed room? I want to paint my bedroom white but can't find the right shade...would love your brand and color recommendation!

  6. Wonderful job. The bathroom looks great and the price... Awesome.

  7. How did you cover the 2x4's you used as a frame for the doors?