Bring your kitchen sink, Back to life!

Lets be real honest for a second. If you have a porcelain kitchen sink, the sight on the left is probably familiar to you.

I let my sink go for 2 months and this is what it looks like when I dont do the method I'm about to tell you about. I've blogged about it in the past, but wanted to bring it back to life because I do this trick with ALL of my porcelain.

It looks horribly scratched, veiny and dirty. It's actually not dirty dirty, it had a soap bath prior to this picture, but that doesnt matter. Just trying to make myself feel better about exposing my dirty laundry.

Moving on.

Below is the lovely marriage of Bark Keepers Friend ( liquid version ) and a generic magic eraser.
The Eraser on it's own does it fantastic job....but to take it to the next level, use this product.
I always cut my erasers in half, because, well, I hoard them ( enter Smiegel saying " my precious " )
and it doesnt need a whole pad.

Get your sink wet and squirt some of the BarKeepers Friend on the porcelain and start cleaning
it with the eraser. You'll discover that it doesnt take hardly any elbow grease, and in the blink of an eye you are done.

The pics below are unedited. 

No longer rough. No more veins. Can I apply this to the back of my thighs?  

Take this method to your bathtub. It'll change your life. You dont have to use the BarKeepers Friend so much in the tub ( unless you do have scratches ) but the grime that the eraser itself picks up from the inner sides of the tub is enough to make a grown man cry. 

Another tip?

Do not. I repeat. Do NOT. Waste your money on the name brand, Magic Eraser. They are like $4-6 for TWO depending on the kind.
All these years I've been buying mine from the Dollar Tree. Two for $1. However, My local store just stopped doing the two pack, and is now only selling one. Dumb.

So. I hopped on Amazon, and bought 50 pieces of melamine sponge for $3.80. You read right.
The catch? It does come from China, and takes about 4 weeks. Big Woop. You can get 100 for $6.00.  They may not be as thick as name brand, in which I'd probably use the whole sponge on the sink. Again, Big Woop.

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  1. So smart about getting magic erasers on Amazon. I really only want to shop at the grocery store once a week and get everything else delivered. I never thought to use both the eraser and bar keepers friend together. Great tip.