You asked about it, here's your answer.

I can't count how many emails I get asking where I got my "tv console." I bought this years ago from, it was, at the time, a knockoff of a $1300 Crate and Barrel buffet, and I bought this guy for $350 I believe.

They discontinued it for quite some time, but it is back now. (currently out of stock, but sign up for their " alert me " email to let you know when they stock back up )
It's renamed the Hartford Buffet, the price is now $429 but keep your eyes out for coupons, they always have big coupons for big buys. You can find it HERE

 'scuse the old pic

The quality is GREAT. It's held up wonderfully. I will say, to this day, it's been the hardest piece of furniture to assemble. Holy crap. Take a Xanax or a handful of tylenol prior to opening the box.

So there ya go. Buffet finally identified, once and for all :) Thanks for the emails ya'll!

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