Which Vessel Sink Should I choose? Upcoming DIY Project!

I'm gearing up for a project that I'm excited to blog about. In the meantime, without any details about said project, help me decide which vessel sink to choose! 

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Quick Survey For My Readers! Who would you pick?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Nate Berkus

Candice Olson

Sarah Richardson

Jeff Lewis

Martyn Bullard

I'll report back on the results in a few days!

Target Threshold Easy Organic Throws

I came across these lovely throws on Target.com and loved the pattern play, but I was even more impressed that some even came in Queen and King sizes! I love blankets on white beds, and these would be perfect for that, since they are lightweight and have just enough color and just enough texture.

 Prices vary, but nothing over $49

Off Topic: The battle of Psoriasis

Allow me to venture into a personal health post. I do these every once in a while, well, because I can. 
I've been working up the nerve to write a post about this very private battle, that many many of us don't talk about often. It's psoriasis. The ugly, auto immune disease that leaves small flaky circles on your body.

Over the span of 8 years, I'd get a couple of spots here and there. Mostly on my scalp and occasionally on my arms and legs. Nothing really to fret about, and usually sunshine would really help. They were hardly noticeable.

In October, I had an extreme flare up. I panicked. I've always been fortunate enough to have pretty nice skin, so this was a total bash to me. It started out with many spots but when I'd scratch them, they'd become one big monster, a cluster of psoriasis  . Not the little manageable spots.

All brought on by stress. But the stress wasnt going anywhere, so I went into holy crap I need to stop this now, mode. Which, stressed me out even more. The spots I was used to were always small ( pencil eraser tip small ) flakey, and didnt have much color. THIS was a whole new ballgame. I felt like I had burns all over my body, they itched, burned and were red.

I was humiliated. It took a toll on my confidence and for the first time ever, I was insecure of my skin.

I tried:

Epsom Salt Soaks 
All suggested Oils
Dr. Teals Aloe/Lavendar Oil ( helped relieve itch and pain, big time. 3x a day I applied )
Neem Extract ( only helped bring color down )
ItWorks lotion
2 of the strongest steriods on the market 
Coal Tars
Light Therapy 3x a week for 3 months ( did decrease the spread, but didnt take away spots )
Methotrexate ( I do NOT recommend this. I had to do it for insurance purposes to get on my current regimen, it's a wicked drug. )

None of these methods came close to aiding my problem.

It was time to consider shots. However, these shots were to the tune of $12,000 PER SHOT. Bring on more stress, panic and loss of hope. My insurance said no way.
My dermatologist fought on my behalf, and the insurance( Regence ) agreed to a deal, where I'd have to "fail" a treatment ( methotrexate ) in order to move to injectables. She also fought  to get every possible discount and after going through the motions with insurance, I paid a whopping $24 for the YEAR. 
I cried. The ugly cry.

This miracle drug, is called Stelara. You guys. I could be the poster child for this drug. I am beyond thrilled with how this treated me. After ONE shot, I was 100% cured within 2 weeks. I had psoriasis on 90% of my body before Stelara, and put up with it for 6 miserable months. Not wearing anything short sleeved, lots of concealing makeup to cover my face, and really no skin showing anywhere.
I wanted to tell the world about my experience because all the information I had ever looked up were old forums and just old school information.

So here, my friends, is the before and after. I'm telling you, Poster Child.

Left is a few months ago, Right is today.

Pretty crazy ugly right? Now you understand my ugly cry, and then my clicking of the heels when stelara actually worked.
You can see I AM scarred from the spots, and from all the steroid creams that took the pigment out of my skin, but they've faded drastically with time in the sun.

I get a shot 3 times a year, I can do it at home now, and have absolutely no side effects.

I know this is a weird post, to be talking about a drug, but I'm hoping that I'll encourage the hopeless.
If your insurance denies you the first time, try try again. Its WORTH fighting for.

I dont have any scars on my face, praise Jesus.

Its such an embarrassing battle, that I'm so thrilled that I've conquered with this miracle drug.
There is still no cure for psoriasis, and without these shots I would continue to have flare ups.
Feel free to email me and chat about it!

Update on my Hydrangea Experiment!

Two things to follow up on:

1. HERE I talked about getting your hydrangea to bloom, by using coffee grounds. I'm happy to report that 2 out of 3 of them are bursting with glorious blooms. It really does work! The problem with the one, was it only put out 2 blooms, but, its also a species I'm not fond of (Lacecap) so I'm not crying over it.

2. Changing the PH of your soil, in most cases, can change your hydrangea color. ( like I said before though, white hydrangeas usually do not change color, and consider yourself lucky if you have a white mophead hydrangea )
2 years ago I dumped wood ash over 2 of my hydrangeas. They were the classic blue that is very common, but I was looking to see if I could get a change out of them. So THAT next spring, it changed to purple and then burgundy in the fall. I was in love. Then THIS year, they are PINK. I am completely thrown. I plan on trying to neutralize the soil this winter to get back to purple, OR I'll dump MORE ash on it, to see if it'll give me dark dark pink. Reguardless, it's a fun experiment.

Here are a few unedited pics I took today of all the different colors and species I have in my yard today. 

My Mopheads:

( This first one was bright blue 2 years ago )

One of my Lacecaps:

Marshalls Mega Clearance Lanterns

I. Just. Can't. Stop. Buying lanterns, that is. But I refuse to pay over $20 for one, because, I hoard them and it'd get expensive if I allowed myself to buy any one I'd lay my eyes on. I had been looking for ones for my porch but wanted them big, so I was stoked to find these 2  bad boys on clearance. Mega clearance. The original prices were $110 // then Marshalls marked at $59 // and I paid $12. TWELVE a piece. I was thrilled.

Here it is at Wysada..( $245 originally? ya right. )

And I gotta say, I love LED candles with Timers on them. They turn on at twilight!